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Big sex workers in big trouble

Japanese police have arrested the ringleader of the plus-sized women prostitution ring.
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A 41-YEAR-OLD Tokyo woman, Keiko Saito, and one of her employees are suspected of conspiring to run a prostitution business under the name “Makkusu Bodi” (Max Body), which boasted that it catered for men who like “explosive boobs and bums”, police said on Tuesday.

Saito is alleged to have had about 30 overweight women in her employ, including one who tipped the scales at more than 150kg, Jiji Press reported.

Police say punters in Tokyo could telephone to request a visit in their home or hotel room, a service called “deri-heru” (delivery health) that is widespread in Japan, where it is illegal to sell penetrative sex.

Saito, who is believed to have earned about 400 million yen ($ A4.4 million)) over three years, had previously worked as a prostitute, a police spokesperson said.

She began her business because she believed larger women were popular with customers, the agency added.

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